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Ice medallions: how to make these

It's freezing cold outside, the perfect moment to make these ice medallions. 

And they're really easy and fun to make, even if you're not an experienced crafter or diy-lover.

All you need is:

- scissors

- twine

- cranberries

- a branch of a pine tree

- round plastic containers

- clothes pegs


You start by putting a few cranberries in the round cups, as well as parts of the branch. 

Then fill the container with water, but not too much. 1,5cm is the maximum.

Put a piece of twine in the water and make sure it stays in place by setting it with a clothes peg.

Then put them in the freezer or outside for a while. Once frozen, you remove them out of the cup and hang them up in the trees as a nice winter decor. And when temperature rises, the birds will love to pick the cranberries out.

Just have fun!


Styling & Photography: Marie Masureel

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